My State Quarter Collection

Sometime in mid-2000, I received a wonderful gift from my mom. It was a “State Quarters Collection” book with slots to fill in the quarters by State, and she had already filled out the quarters that had been released up to that point! At this point I was inspired to continue on the collection. As I found out about each new quarter’s release, I would use my super-sleuthing powers (thanks Hardy Boys!) to track down the newest one, which usually meant asking my Grandpa if he’d picked up the new quarters yet (he always had a pocket full of them). Once I had fully polished to remove the vanish that time had put on them (they were brand new, so I actually did nothing to them), I would ceremoniously place the new quarter in its spot (that meant I forced it until the cardboard circle would give away enough to properly mount it).

As time went on, I continued collection quarters; you can imagine my surpise when I found I had to purchase MORE books to complete the collection (the initial book was for the quarters released from 1999-2002). But I did my duty as an avid coin collection (this was the only coin collection I ever had, and I really wasn’t that dedicated), and purchased the remaining books and continued filling it when I came across one of the states.

More time passed, and I went to college and forgot about the collection.

Until this morning.

I had gone to Wikipedia to find out how large the diameter of a quarter is (in my job, you have to know this stuff). There was a nice little paragraph with a link to the State Quarter Program. At that point I thought, “Eureka, I forgot about that!” and immediately clicked the link. I began to read the history of the program, which inevitably leads to where the program is going. To my disgust and horror, I found that they did not stop the program after 2008. No, Congress VOTED (as if they don’t have enough things to vote on) to EXTEND the program to include Washington DC as well as 5 colonies. But that wasn’ enough for them! They apparently were still sitting there bored with nothing to vote on again, and decided to extend the program through 2021 (!!!) for their “America the Beautiful” quarters which feature national landmarks. What a scam! How do they expect me to keep up with so many quarters and to dutifully collect and not spend them! It’s as if the finish line is pushed further every time I reach it.

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